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I am an educator and a life coach.

This App allows me worry-free travel on TOLL ROADS…Automatically replenishing my account, notifying me of Automatically paying access to the Toll Road. Great relief from expensive citations for not paying while driving. Thank you. P.S.

Goodbye worrying about unexpected toll bills or violations in the mail—

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Stay ahead of the tolls in your car-sharing business with Uproad – and say goodbye to surprise late fees, violations, and managing reimbursement with renters. Uproad helps you pay and track tolls for your whole fleet country-wide and frees up your time to go.

I find this app a good way to track my tolls and manage my budget. Works great for this.
Richard Kellam
Better than a toll tag, I use one app on both vehicles and will link my wife’s car next week. Easy to travel to other states, since you’re registered with all toll authorities they cover.
Nicole B.

Uproad is available for over 5,000 miles of toll roads in the United States. Revolutionize car tolling payments for US drivers

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Pay tolls as you go with just your mobile phone*

The app comes with flexible payment plans. If you drive through tolls occasionally and prefer to pay as you go—select the Basic plan. Toll a lot? Save money with the Pro plan!

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Use credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay

You’ll keep a prepaid balance but pay the lowest toll transaction fee. With our auto-refill feature, your balance will be topped up automatically, so you’ll never miss a single payment.

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Plan trips and get estimates with the Trip Calculator

For an app that does so much, it’s also simple to use. Just link a payment method, and add your vehicle. Once your car shows it’s active on your account, you’re ready to roll!

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