Dream Machine Shiatsu Pillow Massager + Heat

I am Melissa – How I help myself through

Stress and Back Pain:
With Massage Therapy To Help Me.

My back pain at some point in my life begins after my second baby. Back pain isn’t always caused by an injury, in fact, it is often triggered by psychological factors like stress and strong negative emotions.

In order to understand how the psychological can become the physical, I needed to recognize exactly what stress is and what it can do.

Stress Management and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can alleviate muscle tension caused by the stress response. The pressure from a massage can aid in:

• Flushing lactic acid from the body. Improving circulation.

• Improving circulation.

• Stimulating the distribution of blood that was diverted to muscles by the stress response, back to the rest of the body

It can also help relieve the psychological symptoms of stress. As massage therapy improves circulation, it also helps to stimulate the production of important mood-regulating hormones, like dopamine and serotonin. We all lead stressful lives. If you think your stress might be causing you physical pain, ask your doctor if massage therapy is right for you.

My Doctor Recommend Dream Machine Shiatsu Pillow Massager

Dream Machine Pillow Massager with heat massage invigorator for neck, back, shoulders, legs, and more!

The Dream Machine Pillow Massager fits perfectly for my neck, cervical, shoulder, upper and lower back lumbar, abdomen, calf, and thighs.

I had Shiatsu Massage On-The-Go 

My Dream Machine massager is rechargeable with Heat. A portable pillow massaging unit. I can enjoy up to 2+ hours of relaxation from a single charge!

“My Shiatsu Pillow Massager I can use at home and in my Car”

This Intuitive Design was a knock out for my back pain and relief most of my stress

Dream Machine Shiatsu Rechargeable Pillow Massager with Heat is incredibly easy to use! Just plug it in to charge and turn it on to enjoy an invigorating shiatsu massage. Once it’s charged, I can take it anywhere for on-the-go relief.

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